Ask the Counselors – Is it wrong to file a lawsuit against a former employer?


Question from Kathy:

(Note: Kathy gave me permission to post her question and my answer using only her first name.)

Good Morning Donna!

So, here’s the story up to my firing… I was employed up until Tuesday of last week. I have been having a lot of trials and persecution from my manager throughout my time of employment with this company… She and her favored employee have been watching every move that I make to see if I would make a big enough mistake to be fired over. And although I had been doing my best to remain faultless and truly focus on how Jesus would act in demonstrating peace, love, joy and kindness while he was being persecuted… I would keep reminding myself that I’m not working for man… but rather for The Lord. So after I was sick a couple of times and out due to a work related back injury… she was able to fire me. Side note; my manager has been reported 2 other times for seeking women out and trying to get them fired. Continue reading