February 10 “Sheep and goats”

Sheep and goats: our churches are full of both. The sheep will go into the kingdom of heaven and the goats into everlasting fire. And, often, only God knows the difference.

Sheep & goats

Today’s Readings:

Exodus 31.1-18 & Exodus 32.1-35
Psalm 21:1-7
Proverbs 7:24-27
Matthew 25:31-46

This calf just jumped out

Exodus 31.1-18 & Exodus 32.1-35

Moses had been on the mountain top communing with God. As he’s preparing to come down to the people, God reveals the fact that the people have turned away from Him and begun to worship a golden calf. Not only are they worshipping a pagan god, but they are having a drunken and, probably, sex-filled party. God in His perfect justice and sinless anger is ready to destroy them for their wickedness.

But Moses intercedes for the people as a type of Christ. Christ would be the One by whose mediation God would one day reconcile to Himself all who believe!

Just a side bar, don’t you just love Aaron’s statement about how the golden calf was created! “And I said to them, ‘Whoever has any gold, let them break it off.’ So they gave to me, and I cast it into the fire, and this calf came out.” As if it just jumped out of the fire! But as with so many things we see in the Old Testament, we’re not so different. Continue reading