February 18 “Is the Gospel a one-time thing?”


When do we need the Gospel? Is it a one-time thing? Does it have anything to do with our walk with God?

Today’s Readings:
Leviticus 7 & 8
Psalm 24.7-10
Proverbs 9.10-12
Mark 1.1-22

Leviticus 7 & 8:

Only by His grace

We’ve been reading about all the offerings under the Levitical system. Notice that a sin offering had to be made for Aaron and his sons just like all the rest of the people (8.14). Even those God has placed in the ministry as leaders today are imperfect men and women. They are neither sinless nor infallible.

All of us must walk constantly in the truth of the Gospel. You might think, “Well, I accepted the Gospel once so that has nothing to do with me any longer.” It is true that when we accept the Gospel, the free gift of Christ’s sacrifice for our sins, His forgiveness and cleansing, and are made His sons and daughters, it’s a one-time decision. But it is, also, true that until we get to heaven, we will still have the pull of sin constantly at work in us (Rom. 7.13-25). Continue reading