April 8 “Risky faith & a hill of foreskins”

Faith can be risky. It takes risky faith to stand up for the truth in a world of compromise. It takes risky faith to turn the other cheek or forgive with no guarantee of never being hurt again. It takes risky faith to obey God when it makes little sense to our natural way of thinking.

risky faith

Today’s Readings:
Joshua 5 & 6
Psalm 42.6-11
Proverbs 13.19-21
Luke 9.18-36

Joshua 5 & 6:

The hill of foreskins

I imagine all the men reading this portion of Scripture cringed a little when they read about flint knives, circumcision, and “the hill of foreskins.” And all of us women who complain that we somehow have it harder need to remember this passage and others like it.

This was a huge step of faith, since this mass circumcision made them very vulnerable to attack.

Risky faith

In the natural, it was a risky decision. Risk is often a reality when we step out in faith. When you forgive and turn the other cheek, you risk being struck again (Matt. 5.39). When you stand up for the truth, you risk being persecuted (Matthew 23:34-36). When you do what’s right, some people are not going to like it. The world does not like the light. And sometimes persecution, pain, and rejection come from our own families and those closest to us. Continue reading