May 11 “Responding when God calls your hand”

God doesn’t leave us to blindly go our own way. He is constantly at work in the lives of His children: guiding, directing, and sometimes, confronting. How do you respond when God calls your hand on something?

when God calls your hand

Today’s Readings:
1 Samuel 24 & 25
Psalm 60.1-5
Proverbs 16.3
John 1.29-51

1 Samuel 24 & 25:


Do you ever feel like God shows you something and you think, “OK, I’ve got it!” And then, almost immediately God gives you an opportunity to put that truth to the test. We sometimes think “Wait a minute. Why am I here again? I thought God was pleased because I had responded the way I should.”

when God calls your hand

I think it’s kind of like a teacher who gives homework to solidify something you learned in class. Without the repetition and practice, we “have it” on one level, but we haven’t had the opportunity to make it a habit or a pattern.

That’s how I see these two chapters in 1 Samuel. First, David is hiding in a cave when, low and behold, Saul comes in that same cave to relieve himself. This is too good to be true! Has God delivered him into David’s hands? But David recognizes that this is a test. If he had killed Saul he would have been getting ahead of God by taking matters into his own hands. David responded rightly and Saul, convicted by David’s righteousness, and goes back home. Good job, David, now everything should be smooth sailing from here on, right? Continue reading