May 30 “Knowledge without wisdom”

Only the Spirit of God can provide the ability to apply even the best of knowledge and information. But the good news is: the wisdom we need is ours for the asking!


Today’s Readings:
1 Kings 7 & 8
Psalm 68.28-35
Proverbs 17.16-17
John 11.1-29

1 Kings 7 & 8:

The last days

The description of the temple is beautiful and amazing to me. Many believe that, even now, preparations are being made to rebuild it, which Scripture tells us will happen as part of the events of the last days. At that time the Jews will resume temple worship.

What an exciting time in which we live. It’s quite possible that our generation will see the return of Jesus for His church (the Rapture) and certainly are, even now, seeing many of the events leading up to that time (Matt. 24.36). Continue reading