June 5 “Exhaustion, disappointment and lack of spiritual food”

Allowing yourself to get to the point of exhaustion, dwelling on disappointment, and neglecting your time in the Word can easily lead to discouragement and, even, depression.


Today’s Readings:
1 Kings 19 & 20
Psalm 70.1-5
Proverbs 18.1-2
John 14.1-31

1 Kings 19 & 20:

Exhaustion and disappointment and discouragement

I always find it amazing that after defeating the prophets of Baal and seeing God do such a mighty work, Elijah would respond the way he did to Jezebel’s threat (chap. 19). But it’s a good reminder to us that when we get exhausted, physically and/or spiritually things often seem much worse than they are, because we can easily get our eyes off God and on to our own strength or the lack of it.

As John MacArthur pointed out in his Daily Bible, he probably expected Ahab and Jezebel to repent after that great display of God’s power and when they didn’t, it was easy to get discouraged.

Elijah’s disappointment over their lack of repentance and his own physical and spiritual exhaustion led to discouragement and depression (in verse 19.3 he asked God to take his life). Instead God gave him what he needed. Continue reading