June 19 “Salvation: don’t neglect the truth”

“There is no other name under heaven … by which we must be saved.” In our desire to be “open-minded” or “tolerant” let’s be sure we don’t mislead people by neglecting to speak the truth in love!


Today’s Readings:
1 Chronicles 1 & 2
Psalm 76.1-6
Proverbs 19.6-7
Acts 4.1-22

1 Chronicles 1 & 2:

God uses imperfect people

Even though he is not mentioned by name in Chronicles, it is believed that Ezra is the author of 1 & 2 Chronicles. These two books were written after the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and after spending 70 years in exile in Babylon.

The book of 1 Chronicles starts out with a partial genealogy (mostly covering the Messianic line) from Adam, through David and beyond to remind the people of God’s promises to them and to encourage them to be faithful to God.

Also included in the genelogies are those of Ismael (1.28-31) and Esau (1.43). As God promised Abraham, Ismael’s descendants formed twelve tribes, who became some of the Arab peoples living in the area north of Israel. Esau’s descendants became the Arab peoples living east and south of Israel.

Interesting to note 2.4 says, “And Tamar, his daughter-in-law, bore him Perez and Zerah. All the sons of Judah were five.” Remember Tamar? In her desperation to have a child, she tricked her father-in-law into sleeping with her by posing as a prostitute. And here she is mentioned by name in the genealogy of Christ. What a great reminder to us, of God’s willingness to use imperfect people like us!

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