July 1 “Betrayal: How God’s truth can help us deal with the pain”

Betrayal: How can spending time in God’s Word help us deal with the pain?


Today’s Readings:
1 Chronicles 26 & 27
Psalm 78.56-66
Proverbs 20.4-5
Acts 10.1-23

1 Chronicles 26 & 27:

When friends betray us

Chapter 27 ends with the list of David’s closest advisers. It says in verse 33, “Ahithophel was the king’s counselor, and Hushai the Archite was the king’s companion.” These two men were probably David’s two closest friends, people he trusted and confided in. But sadly, one of them would later betray him. David wrote about it in Psalm 55. Verses 12-14 recall the anguish he felt: Continue reading