July 17 “One reason we fail”


Why do so many believers fail to lead fruitful Christian lives? How can we go from an intellectual knowledge of the Scriptures to a life that reflects Christ to the world?

Today’s Readings:
2 Chronicles 30 & 31
Psalm 85.1-7
Proverbs 21.9-11
Acts 20.1-16

2 Chronicles 30 & 31:

What happens when God’s people come together

Here in these two chapters Hezekiah calls the people to repentance and worship. He sends runners throughout the land even to the Northern Kingdom to extend the invitation. Although most of the people in the Northern Kingdom “laughed at them and mocked them,” the people of Judah came together with “singleness of heart.” What followed was a great revival when the people began giving in abundance to support the priests and Levites and the operation of the temple. And when they did, God blessed them abundantly. Continue reading