July 21 “Two kinds of fear” & LINKUP

fear, courage

There are two kinds of fear? Fear can be filled with faith or sinful depending on its focus.

Today’s Readings:
Ezra 3 & 4
Psalm 86.11-17
Proverbs 21.17-18
Acts 22.1-30

Ezra 3 & 4:

Fear of man and a higher authority

In chapter 3, even though the people who returned to Jerusalem had the authority of the king behind them, there was still opposition from the people already living in the land. Verse 3 says, “… fear had come upon them because of the people of those countries …” But in spite of their feelings they determined to do what was right and to worship God as Moses had instructed them to do.

Even though there is a move to restrict our rights as believers, we still have a great deal of freedom under the laws of our land. And while Romans 13 instructs us to obey those who rule over us, even that has limitations. Anytime someone in authority asks us to sin, we have a higher authority—that is God and His Word.

There will be times on the job (even when we are within our rights) or in our families where we will feel fear—fear of being ridiculed, fear of being rejected, fear of what people will think, even in some cases, fear of losing our jobs. But, we too, can do what’s right in spite of our feelings. Courage isn’t the absence of fear; it is doing what’s right in spite of it!

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