July 31 “The goodness of God & repentance”


“… in whatever you judge another you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things” (Rom. 2.1)—strong words that should cause us to examine our own hearts and lives and to remember that it’s the goodness of God that leads us and others to repentance.

Today’s Readings:
Esther 1 & 2
Psalm 89.38-45
Proverbs 22.5-6
Romans 2.1-29

Esther 1 & 2:

Young virgins & a selfish king

The book of Esther takes place sometime between the time the Jews began to return to Jerusalem under Zerubbabel and the second return under Ezra. It’s quite an interesting book. Though the name of God is not mentioned at all in the book, He’s seen everywhere, and is in control of the events of this book in a grand way!—as He is in all the events of history and the world.

The book starts out with a party and what a party it is—7 days, free flowing wine, everyone is invited (the men, at least!), golden goblets, entertainment … wine, women (probably the entertainment) and song, as the saying goes.

Finally, the drunken king decides to show off his wife and she refuses to come. The men were faced with a problem. If word got around that the queen didn’t obey the king, all the women would refuse to obey their husbands! So, at the other men’s urging, she lost her position as queen. Continue reading