August 6 “The Essential Character of God”

baby, fatherLife, including pain and heartache, happens to us all and if we don’t know the essential character of God, we’ll be tempted to blame Him and run away when we need Him the most.

Today’s Readings:
Job 3 & 4
Psalm 91.14-16
Proverbs 22.15
Romans 8.1-21

Job 3 & 4:

The Essential Character of God

In chapter 3 Job poured out his grief in very descriptive terms. He had just lost all 10 of his children. His grief was real and powerful. He wished he had never been born.

While today we might not tear our clothing and put dust on our heads, those who are grieving will almost always express their deep sorrow—through tears, wringing of the hands, crying out to God, etc. Strong emotions and outward manifestations of grief are not wrong, but must be kept in their proper place, amount and duration. They cannot be allowed to overtake our lives.

Notice what Job’s first response was after the initial shock and physical reaction (Job 1): Continue reading