November 3 “The loss of His restraining grace!” & LINKUP

wave tsunami oceanThe Bible tells it like it is, sometimes including the depths of human depravity. When we read about those things, instead of looking down our noses, we must realize that if God were to remove His restraining grace, we are all capable of almost anything. May we fear God and pray to stay on His path.


Today’s Readings:
Lamentations 1 & 2
Psalm 119.137-144
Proverbs 28.9-10
Titus 3.1-15


Lamentations 1 & 2:

Heart-broken over sin & destruction

The book of Lamentations was written by Jeremiah and was basically a funeral dirge. The prophet was mourning the destruction of Jerusalem, God’s holy city. Even though the people had rejected his warnings, even tortured and imprisoned him for speaking the truth, Jeremiah was heart-broken over their destruction.

Let’s pray that as the body of Christ we would be heart-broken over the sin and destruction in our nation instead of self-righteous, self-pitying or judgmental.


Psalm 119.137-144:

His restraining grace

Verse 137 says, “Righteous are You, O LORD, and upright are Your judgments.”

God is righteous and all His judgments are upright. They are good!

It’s interesting this is placed here alongside our reading in Lamentations. It would be easy to read a verse like Lamentations 2.20, “…Should the women eat their offspring, the children they have cuddled? …” and we think, “How could a good God cause such a thing to happen to innocent children?” But we must realize God did not “cause” such a horrible thing to happen. James 1.13-15 says: Continue reading