November 7 “Balancing justice and mercy”

gavel justice mercy verdictAbuse, rejection, abandonment, criticism … why does it seem that those who do such things sometimes get away with it?


Today’s Readings:
Ezekiel 5 & 6
Psalm 119.169-176
Proverbs 28.14
Hebrews 3.1-19


Ezekiel 5 & 6:

Balancing justice & mercy

God works very hard to help us understand His truths. In the New Testament Jesus told parables, used illustrations from the agricultural world, and told stories like that of the prodigal son to help explain the Word.

Here God instructed the prophet Ezekiel to act out many of his prophecies. In these verses he was to cut his hair and use it as a picture of the nation of Israel, burning a portion of it, chopping a portion with the sword, scattering a portion to the wind, and binding a small “remnant” in his clothing to protect it. This was an illustrated warning of the coming judgment along with God’s promise to protect His faithful remnant.

God is good, but He is also holy and righteous, and although, His patience and mercy causes Him to hold back the hand of judgment, there will be a time when it must be carried out.

Sometimes we look at someone else’s life, especially if they have sinned against us, and ask “Why did God let them get away with that?” Continue reading