November 8 “All the grace we need”

prayerWe are invited to come to God’s throne of grace in prayer. And what do we receive? “… grace to help in time of need.” If we will but go to that throne of grace, He will give us all the grace we need for any situation.

Today’s Readings:
Ezekiel 7 & 8
Psalm 120.1-7
Proverbs 28.15
Hebrews 4.1-16


Ezekiel 7 & 8:

The time of God’s judgment

Even though God had blessed the nation of Israel and had shown them mercy over and over, they had continued to go their own way. Now it was time for God’s judgment.

Not only were the people living ungodly lives and refusing to acknowledge God as the One True God, but they were actively worshipping false gods of every sort. Even their spiritual leaders were involved in a secret society which worshipped demons (8:7-12)!

But even in judgment, God’s purpose is loving and good.

“… Then they shall know that I am the Lord!” (7.27b).

That statement was repeated over 60 times in this book. The people had so hardened their hearts that only pain and suffering could reach them. Psalm 32:

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye. Do not be like the horse or like the mule, which have no understanding, Which must be harnessed with bit and bridle, Else they will not come near you. 10 Many sorrows shall be to the wicked; But he who trusts in the Lord, mercy shall surround him.


Running run joggingPsalm 120.1-7:

Run to Him

Verse 1, “In my distress I cried to the LORD, and He heard me.”

So often when we are in trouble we try everything we can think of before we turn to Him. Let’s run to Him first. He is faithful and trustworthy!


big lion roaringProverbs 28.15:

Ungodly leadership

“Like a roaring lion and a charging bear is a wicked ruler over poor people.”

A ruler who takes advantage of the weakest under his rule is compared to a wild beast who devours whatever he desires. This doesn’t just apply to world or national leaders, it’s for all of us in all kinds of leadership and at all levels. Leadership is a responsibility as much as a privilege and we should be good stewards of it.

Masters, treat your slaves in the same way. Don’t threaten them; remember, you both have the same Master in heaven, and he has no favorites” (Eph. 6.9).


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