November 24 “When sickness invades your life” + LINKUP

sick woman with tissue on whiteHow do you respond when physical sickness invades your life? Is your first thought to cry out to God or is your first thought fear, worry, anxiety, or concerns about worldly answers? Do you remember to trust God even in the midst of medical treatment?

Today’s Readings:
Ezekiel 39 & 40
Psalm 132.10-18
Proverbs 29.5
James 5.1-20


Ezekiel 39 & 40:

Our exact God

As I read chapter 40 with all the measurements, the numbers of steps, the beveled windows, etc., I couldn’t help but remember that our God is a God of precision and order. He is fulfilling every word He has spoken and keeping every promise and He is doing so exactly as He intends!


Psalm 132.10-18:

The real meaning of Thanksgiving

He will clothe His priests with salvation … and His saints will shout for joy! That’s us! What a great and awesome God we serve and what a great salvation He has provided. We should be thankful for all He has done. That is the real meaning of Thanksgiving. From the beginning it was always about Him. We tend to forget that in our secular society. Continue reading