The Jesus Code: “Watch & Pray” + LINKUP


The Jesus Code

Chapter 35 The Jesus Code: 52 Scripture Questions Every Believer Should Answer by O.S. Hawkins.


This week’s question: “Could you not watch with me one hour?” (Matthew 26.40).

When we read this verse, we most often think about prayer and, certainly, prayer is in view here, but pray and more … watching. Hawkins says:

Jesus asked this question of Peter, who would one day become the undisputed leader of the Jerusalem church. Jesus asked this question of James, one of the original “Sons of Thunder” (Mark 3: 17) and the first of the apostles to meet a martyr’s death. And Jesus asked this question of John, who after pastoring the great church at Ephesus would be exiled on Patmos from where he would write the book of Revelation. Jesus was not only asking them— these men who knew the Scriptures— to pray with Him but also and primarily to ‘‘ watch.” His question was, “Could you not watch with Me one hour?” Upon hearing this, the disciples undoubtedly thought of the words of Isaiah, the prophet who spoke of the watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem who “shall never hold their peace day or night” (Isaiah 62: 6). Seven hundred years earlier Isaiah had spoken of the importance of watching and praying.

Peter, James, and John had the opportunity to provide Jesus with physical security as well as spiritual security during this hour that He prayed. The disciples could have alerted Jesus to anyone entering Gethsemane, and more importantly, the disciples could have prayed for strength, courage, and peace for their Master and Lord. But the disciples did neither; they slept.

We, too, are called to watch and pray. Who needs the physical or spiritual security that could come from your prayers? Are you praying for your pastors and church leaders? Do you know missionaries who face hardship and difficulties? What about family members who face a hostile workplace or spiritually dangerous campus? Who is praying for your spouse or your children if you aren’t? Continue reading