Ask the Counselors: Romantic Breakups


Ask the Counselors: Romantic BreakupsRomantic Breakups:

Hello, I heard your husband speak at a conference last weekend & he gave us your website as a resource. I am a missionary & pastor’s wife in Juarez. In our church, we have 2 young women who just got out of romantic relationships that they had thought would end in marriage, but their Christian boyfriends ended their relationships unexpectedly. They want counseling, and I have a few resources I have accumulated over the years but wondered if you can recommend any specific books, Bible studies or other materials for me to work through with them.

Thank you for your time.



Dear Kate,

I’m so glad to hear from someone from the conference. Mike said he really enjoyed being a part of it.

Lou Priolo has an excellent book entitled Picking Up the Pieces. It’s a very helpful book for anyone going through a breakup of any kind whether they were married or, as in the case of your two young ladies, any romantic breakup. I, also, recommend it to people who were/are married and facing divorce, especially if it’s the other spouse insisting on it.

It also has an appendix in the back for people who were or are involved in an extramarital or immoral relationship and are struggling to break it off or with the feelings that won’t go away.

I hope you find it helpful.