“The Slippery Slope” June 1


Slippery Slope

We’re never standing still when it comes to the things of God. Either we’re growing and becoming more like Christ or we are heading down the slippery slope. But often, like Solomon, we play around with sin, thinking we’re too smart to get caught in its snares.


Today’s Readings:
1 Kings 11 & 12
Psalm 69.5-15
Proverbs 17.20-22
John 12.1-26


1 Kings 11 & 12:

The Slippery Slope

Once we begin to focus on things other than God, we can easily slide into greater and greater sins. Here we find Solomon taking foreign wives—women who worshiped other gods. He loved them and became sympathetic to their desire to worship their own gods. Eventually he worshiped them, too!

We can easily do the same thing by dating or getting into close relationships with people who aren’t serving God whole-heartedly or at all. We reason that we’ll change them, but most of the time they pull us away from God. Becoming unequally yoked with unbelievers is still forbidden for that reason and others. Continue reading