“God’s Grace in the Tribulation” December 11


God's Grace in the Tribulation - Even though God’s grace, as well as, God’s judgment will be demonstrated everywhere during the Tribulation, many will still reject the truth.Even though God’s grace, as well as, God’s judgment will be demonstrated everywhere during the Tribulation, many will still reject the truth.

Also, read about the hurtful power of words and how the truths of God are stumbling blocks to those who refuse to believe.


Today’s Readings:
Hosea 13 & 14
Psalm 140.1-5
Proverbs 29.23
Revelation 1.1-20


God’s Grace in the Tribulation


Revelation 1.1-20:

The Time is Short


almost midnight clock

The more complete and accurate title for this book is contained in verse 1, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.”

Jesus, “the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End” (v. 8) appeared to the aging apostle as he was in exile on the Isle of Patmos. The seven churches representing the church as a whole were about to come under intense persecution. They were to be encouraged by John’s vision of future events.

Even though the book of Revelation contains images which are horrific, it is still a book filled with God’s grace!

God will pour out His wrath in a last ditch attempt to say “repent … the end is near”! So, although people will suffer here on earth, they might spend eternity with Him. But sadly, many will still not repent, and will spend eternity separated from Him and burning in a “fire that shall never be quenched” (Mk. 9.43). Even though every mountain and island will be shaken and the sky itself will be rolled up like a scroll, some will still reject Him. Revelation 6.14-16:

14 Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place. 15 And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, 16 and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! …”

The time is short. Share the truth this Christmas season.


Today’s Other Readings:


Hosea 13 & 14:

A Stone of Stumbling


The book of Hosea ends with these words:

“For the ways of the LORD are right; the righteous walk in them, but transgressors stumble in them.”

1 Peter 2.7-8 says, “Therefore, to you who believe, He is precious; but to those who are disobedient, ‘The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone,’ and ‘A stone of stumbling and a rock of offense.’ They stumble, being disobedient to the word, to which they also were appointed.”

In today’s world you can talk about God as long as you leave it open-ended—“god as you understand him” some say. But when you talk about Jesus as “the Way and the only Way” (Jn. 14.6), you’ll be labeled narrow-minded and accused of trying to impose your religion on everyone else. He is “precious” to those who believe and a “rock of offense” to those who reject Him.


Psalm 140.1-5:

Sticks & Stones


throwing stones rocks

Verse 3, “They sharpen their tongues like a serpent; the poison of asps is under their lips.”

That childhood saying, “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt you,” is a lie. Words hurt and can continue to hurt for a lifetime unless we nail them to the cross and allow them to stay there. We do that by meditating on God’s forgiveness toward us and, with God’s help, choosing to extend that forgiveness to the one who Continue reading