“The Bible, One Book, One Story” December 30


BibleThe Bible is not a series of books about God. It is one book, penned by numerous human authors, and inspired by God. It is His story told through His continuing revelation of Himself to mankind. The more you read it, the more you see how the books, the prophesies, the stories, and the letters fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. In today’s O.T. reading Zechariah prophesied hundreds of years earlier about many of the things Jesus showed John in the book of Revelation.

And as we continue to read through the book of Revelation, today we learn about two final judgments. One day every person will stand before God at one of them: “the great white throne judgment” or “the judgment seat of Christ.” Where will you stand?


Today’s Readings:
Zechariah 13 & 14
Psalm 149.5-9
Proverbs 31.1-9
Revelation 20.1-15

Well, we’re almost there. I pray that many of you have read more of God’s Word than you have in the past. Notice I said “more of God’s Word.” Though many of you finished the goal, I know some of you are weeks or even months behind or maybe you quit after a few months, or maybe it’s been in fits and starts. But did you read more of God’s Word in 2016 than you had before or did you get more out of your reading than you had previously? If so, it’s been a successful endeavor!

If you have a testimony about how reading God’s Word impacted your life this year, I’d love for you to share it in the comments section.

On to the Word …


The Bible, One Book, One Story


Zechariah 13 & 14:

From Genesis to Revelation


Zechariah prophesied beginning about 520 B.C., but did you notice that he prophesied many of the same things Jesus revealed to the aging Apostle John toward the end of the first century A.D. and recorded in the book of Revelation?

We see the same picture of Jesus coming back the second time as the King of kings and Lord of lords, his feet touching down on the Mount of Olives followed by a great earthquake and the destruction of Satan’s armies.

We also see the description of Christ as the Shepherd (13.7) which David wrote about in Psalm 23 and Jesus called Himself in John 10. He is the Good Shepherd who gave up His life for the sheep (Jn. 10.11).

The more you read and study God’s Word, the more you see that it is not a series of books about God. It is one book, penned by numerous human authors, but inspired by God. Just as a writer controls his pen or writing instrument, God superimposed himself over the hearts and minds of his instruments, the human authors (2 Pet. 1.21).

It is His story told through His continuous revelation of Himself to mankind.


Today’s Other Readings:


Psalm 149.5-9:

Praise & a Sword


150 Year Old Bible With Sword


Verse 6, “Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand.”

This is how we fight life’s battles—by praising God and trusting in His sovereignty, and by speaking and living according to His Word.



Proverbs 31.1-9:

A Mother’s Advice to the King


Verses 1-9 contain the first of two poems in this chapter. This one contains advice Continue reading