“Divine Suggestions?” December 9


Divine Suggestions? #WordofGod #Bible #commands #principles #sanctityoflife #unbornbabyHow do you view the Word of God? As the commands and revelation of the Creator of heaven and earth or is it merely “interesting” to you … one more opinion in a list of options for making decisions and solving life’s problems? Is it full of commands and principles to live by or merely divine suggestions? Is it a standard or the standard by which you weigh everything?

Before you answer … you might ask yourself if, when talking about some Biblical command or principle, you’ve ever said:

  • I tried that, it just didn’t work.
  • Well, I just believe …
  • I know what the Bible says, but …
  • This is almost 2018.
  • We live in a different world.

As my husband says, “Amen” or “Oh! Me!”  Continue reading