“Giving God Our Best” December 31


Giving God Our Best & Proverbs 31 -Happy New Year’s Eve,

Congratulations to those of you who have been reading all year and to those who started somewhere along the way. I hope you’re looking forward to starting again in the coming year.

Just as we will read in Malachi today, let’s purpose in our hearts to give God our best in 2018 … to offer Him the firstfruits of our time in the morning or whatever time works best … to be faithful with our finances … to use our talents and resources to further His kingdom, to bring Him glory in all we do, and to honor Him in our marriages or our singleness or whatever our situation!

Our final passage in Proverbs pictures “the virtuous or excellent wife” We’ll look at how an ancient description speaks to us today?

Finally, as you read the last 2 chapters of Revelation, allow John’s vision of the glories to come excite your heart!  Continue reading