April 19 “Hammers and tent pegs and you”

What do hammers and tent pegs and a “tent-wife” by the name of Jael have to do with you? Are we too quick to write-off some of the stranger Old Testament stores as irrelevant for today?

hammers and tent pegs

Today’s Readings:
Judges 3 & 4
Psalm 48.9-14
Proverbs 14.18-19
Luke 14.25-35

Judges 3 & 4:

Just a tent-wife

The book of Judges contains some very interesting stories to say the least!

One of the more surprising, especially if you haven’t read it before, is the story of Jael and her tent peg! God used a “housewife,” a “tent-wife” in this case, to destroy Israel’s and God’s enemy with a hammer and a tent peg. Think about the courage it took. What if he had awaken while she was getting a good grip on the hammer? What if she had missed and just managed to awaken him? Can you imagine the fear she might have felt?

What can we learn from Jael’s story or any passage of Scripture, especially when it seems so removed from our life experiences?

Try dialoging with the Lord. Ask questions like. What are You trying to tell me through this passage? Is there a promise here I can claim? Is there a command I should obey? Is there a principle I need to put to work in my life? Is there an example I should follow? And then reread the passage.

hammers and tent pegs

So what was it God asked her to do? He asked her to use her talents and abilities and the tools she had at hand to do something miraculous and courageous. She obeyed and God did what only He could do.

God isn’t asking us to “kill” anyone literally. In fact, Jesus changed the rules of engagement, He told us to pray for our enemies, to do good for those who spitefully use us. In Romans, God told us to overcome evil with good (12.21).

But what are the principles that apply? What about stewardship? Are you using your spiritual gifts, your talents and abilities, and the resources’ you have to further the kingdom? Are you willing to risk everything for the cause of Christ? Take a few minutes and examine your own heart.

Psalm 48.9-14:

Our guide even to death

Thinking about our questions again let’s look at 48.14, “For this is God, Our God forever and ever; He will be our guide even to death.” Is there a promise here we can claim? Is there ever! If God is our God, He is our God forever and ever. He will be our guide even to death, through death and beyond death! When that time comes in our lives we don’t have to be afraid. He will take us through it and beyond.

Proverbs 14.18-19:

Evil will bow before good

I love verse 19, “The evil will bow before the good, and the wicked at the gates of the righteous.” Again, how do we overcome evil?—with good (Rom. 12.21)!

Luke 14.25-35:

What God requires

We so often want to offer people a Jesus who requires nothing of them. “Just invite Him into your heart,” we say. We seldom talk to people about “counting the cost” and being serious about their commitment to Him. The Gospel is simple, and there is nothing we can do to save ourselves. It’s not about “being good enough” or “getting our ducks in a row.” Our part is to receive Him in faith. But receiving Him as Lord means we also need to bow our knee to His Lordship, not out of fear, but out of our love for Him. It should be a love that makes every other kind of love—love for spouse and children, father and mother, brother and sister—pale in comparison.


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6 thoughts on “April 19 “Hammers and tent pegs and you”

  1. Always intrigued by this story…she definitely had courage!! And stood for what she believed in. May I be ever as courageous to stand for the cause of Christ! Your neighbor at Woman to Woman today 🙂