April 25 “Persistent prayer” & LINK-UP

Are you persistent in prayer? Do you trust God and wait on His timing? Or do you quickly give up? Are you tempted to doubt God’s faithfulness?


Today’s Readings:
Judges 15 & 16
Psalm 51.1-6
Proverbs 14.31-32
Luke 18.1-23

Judges 15 & 16:

Sampson & God’s ability to use imperfect people

Talk about using imperfect people! Remember God’s purpose in all of this was that Sampson would “begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines” (13.5). And even in Sampson’s death, God accomplished that purpose.

In the process, God blessed Manoah and his wife with the child they desired and other children, as well (v. 16.31). Although, it must have been a great grief to them to see this son with so much potential, to say nothing of the call of God on his life, waste his gifts and talents as he did. But it may have been a consequence of coddling and catering to him in his youth.

Even so, Sampson, like all of us, was responsible for his own personal choices. It seems to me that he was the one who found the least satisfaction in all of this. In the area of his personal relationships, he continually ran after whatever appealed to him. His motives were selfish and he sought to fulfill them in ungodly ways. Consequently, they never brought him any lasting joy, peace or satisfaction.

He even used the strength with which God had blessed him for his own selfish purposes. That, in combination with a sinful sexual relationship, eventually cost him his eyes and his freedom and turned him into a cheap carnival act. Such is the deceitfulness of sin. It never delivers what it promises!

What about us?

Romans 15.4 tells us that, “… whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope.” Let’s go back to our questions:

What is there in this story that I can apply to my life?

How might I be trying to find fulfillment of God-given desires by my own means? Perhaps by getting involved in relationships that I shouldn’t or seeking to find satisfaction in things other than God Himself?

Have I, in effect, tied some foxes tails together and let them wreak havoc? Perhaps by gossiping about someone who has hurt me? Or by spending money I shouldn’t? Or in some other way?

Lord, please teach us what You want us to learn from this passage and the others we read today.

Psalm 51.1-6:

David’s psalm of repentance

What a great psalm to go to when we realize we have sinned and fallen short of God’s best in our lives! If that is you, you might want to pray this psalm as a prayer.

Proverbs 14.31-32:

The poor and the poor in spirit

Verse 31, “He who oppresses the poor reproaches his Maker, but he who honors Him has mercy on the needy.” As believers we should have mercy on the poor, but not just the poor physically, also those who are poor spiritually. By learning to share the gospel, we can offer that which is the most valuable of all—that is spiritual riches.

Luke 18.1-23:

Persistence in prayer

Verse 1 is one of my favorites, “Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart.” The parable that follows can be a great encouragement to stay faithful in prayer. God is not saying He is like the unjust judge, but contrasting the two by saying, if even an unjust judge will finally give in and respond to constant requests, how much more will God who is perfect respond to us when we are faithful to pray and wait on Him.

What about you?

Did you consider the questions above about our Old Testament reading?

How do you respond when you’re confronted with sin in your life? Are you defensive or do you humbly admit and confess as David did in Psalm 51?

What are you doing to be prepared to help the poor? Are you a wise steward or do you spend every penny you get making it impossible for you to meet a need when you see one? Are you prepared to share the gospel with unbelievers or do you avoid it because of indifference or a lack of preparation?

Are you persistent in prayer? Do you trust God and wait on His timing? Or do you quickly give up? Are you tempted to doubt God’s faithfulness?

Have a blessed day,

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6 thoughts on “April 25 “Persistent prayer” & LINK-UP

  1. This line jumped out at me, “Do you trust God and wait on His timing?” because my post is about God’s timing. I’m right next to you at Barbies.

    • Ah! His timing! It’s definitely not ours much of the time! I’ll be sure to read your post this morning.
      Blessings, Donna

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