August 14 “God, authority & speeding tickets”

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God is a God of order and He works through authority. We can’t say we’re fully submitted to God if we aren’t submitted to the authority He has placed in our lives.

Today’s Readings:
Job 19 & 20
Psalm 95.6-11
Proverbs 23.4-5
Romans 13.1-14

Job 19 & 20:

My Redeemer lives

In spite of all his miseries Job could still say, “For I know that my Redeemer lives …” That should put most of us to shame! He went on to say, “… I shall see God.” So no matter what, he was sure of his eternal destiny.

listening, earPsalm 95.6-11:

We will hear His voice

What a strong encouragement to us that as we “worship and bow down” and recognize that “He is our God,” that if He is truly the God who sits on the throne of our hearts, we “will hear His voice” and do what He asks us to do!

Proverbs 23.4-5:

Be faithful

Many times in Scripture we are warned not to seek to be rich. Instead we are to be faithful in the work God has given us, and trust Him for the results.

Romans 13.1-14:

Submitting to authority

This is a very clear passage regarding authority. Scripture says all authority comes from God (v. 1). That could be a school teacher over a student, a boss over an employee, a husband over a wife, a pastor or elder over a church member, or a civic official over a citizen. Whatever it is, God expects us to respect and obey that authority. The only exception is if that person asks us to break God’s laws, then we must humbly and respectfully refuse to obey.

We should be teaching our children to respect the authority God has placed them under at school or any place else. Sadly today many parents are quick to run to their children’s defense instead of teaching them to respond biblically.

But respect for authority begins with us and, sadly, we’re often more concerned about what we perceive as our “rights,” than about being pleasing to God! We can’t expect our children to respect authority, including ours, if we’re disrespectful to our spouses, or police officers or bosses!

authority, ticket, police

So how do you respond when you get stopped for speeding or some other violation? Are you concerned about justifying your behavior or denying your guilt? Or are you more concerned about pleasing God and trusting in His sovereignty?

How do you respond when passed over for a promotion or criticized at work? Are you more concerned about whether or not it’s fair or are you concerned about giving your co-workers the right opinion about God?

We are teaching and discipling our children and others with our actions one way or the other. Let’s purpose in our hearts to be good examples.


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10 thoughts on “August 14 “God, authority & speeding tickets”

  1. Great point. Not only is how we behave when we get stopped for a speeding ticket, but also all those moments when we think we’re justified for speeding a little here or there. It’s respecting authority to obey the laws *all* the time! Thanks for this reminder…’s a hard one to swallow!

    • Michelle,
      Yes, it is hard to swallow. It’s so much easier to justify doing what we want! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. These are such great thoughts! I hear so many Christians justify speeding because there is no policeman around… I cringe at what that teaches those around them… Thank you for posting this. 🙂

    • Joy,
      It’s always about our hearts, isn’t it? And, as you said, what others are seeing in us. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Donna

  3. True story: The ONLY time i was super nice and respectful when I got pulled over for speeding was when my soon to be teen driving daughters were in the car with me. The police officer was so nice… He told me he couldn’t give such a nice person a ticket! Lesson learned. That was also the last time I got pulled over!

    • Lisa,
      That’s a great story! God’s way is always the best way!

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