August 23 “Danger in not judging sin”

dangerWhile we cannot know another person’s heart, it’s a misunderstanding of the Bible to think we are never to judge someone else’s behavior. In fact, there is great danger in not judging sin, especially to the person caught up in it.

Today’s Readings:
Job 37 & 38
Psalm 100.1-5
Proverbs 23.26-28
1 Corinthians 5.1-13

Job 37 & 38:

Things to consider when going through a test or trial

In chapter 38, God turns the tables on Job and begins to question him! Remember God has already vindicated Job in the court of heaven and He will vindicate him again as He speaks to Job and his friends, but as John MacArthur says in his Daily Bible notes, “… He first brought Job to a right understanding of Himself.”

It’s alright for us to question God, but we must know in advance, we won’t always get an answer, neither will we always understand the answers we get, and we need to be willing to accept that He knows best. Tests and trials are opportunities to trust God in a greater way whether or not it makes sense to us.

If you are going through a test or trial and struggling to understand, read chapters 38-42 carefully and prayerfully. Ask someone to pray with you and for you as you seek to glorify Him during a difficult time.

Psalm 100.1-5:

Praise God in the trial

Psalm 100 is not just a wonderful psalm to declare when things are going well, but when we are suffering as Job was. We need to remember verse 3:

“It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves.”

He created you and He knows what’s best. He loves you and all His plans for you are for your good and His glory!

Come into His presence with thanksgiving and praise, trusting that He is good and His mercy is everlasting!

And if you let me know. I’d love to pray for you!

Proverbs 23.26-28:

Finding satisfaction in Him

This passage and many others contain strong warnings about being drawn into sexual immorality.

Those warnings aren’t just for men.

As women, we may not be as enticed by physical appearance, although we are not immune to it, but we are even more easily ensnared by emotional attachments. This is a trap the devil uses over and over to lure women away from their husbands and into sin and destruction.

The Bible also uses sexual immorality as a picture of our spiritual adultery against God. How often we choose to go after the sinful things of the flesh and the world instead of finding satisfaction and fulfillment in Him!

Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God” (Jas. 4.4).

imagesCARX8GL61 Corinthians 5.1-13:

The danger in not judging sin

Speaking of sexual immorality … the Corinthian church had their problems and, instead of dealing with the problems in a biblical way, they chose to look the other way. In our society today, we might call this “being tolerant”!

Sometimes we put a biblical-sounding spin on it and say we don’t want to judge.

Read Paul’s words in verse 3 again, “For I indeed … have already judged … him who has done this deed.” While we cannot know or judge another person’s heart or spiritual relationship with God, we are told throughout Scripture to judge sin. Jesus said, “You will know a tree by its fruit.” That means you must determine what the fruit is!

The point we most often miss in all of this is the purpose behind it. It’s not so we can be self-righteous or condemning. It’s so a sinning brother or sister can be reconciled to God. If a person stays in a lifestyle of sin, one of two things is true: either he or she is not really saved or they are in danger of God’s discipline (Heb. 12.5-11).

Later in chapter 11 Paul tells these same believers:

“For this reason many are weak and sick among you, and many sleep. For if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged. But when we are judged, we are chastened by the Lord, that we may not be condemned with the world.”

Because of unconfessed and unforsaken sin, many were weak and sick and some had even died prematurely!

Certainly we all sin in many ways, and many of those things can be covered in love. But gross sins, life dominating sins like anger, abuse, and sexual immorality should be lovingly confronted in a biblical way. This is not easy to do, but necessary, if the body of Christ is to be the pure and undefiled bride she is called to be.


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