“How would you fill in the blank?” March 14


How would you fill in the blank? - Fill in the blanks: "I won't be happy until ____________." "I must have ___________." What do your answers have to do with your worship?Fill in the blanks: “I won’t be happy until ____________.” “I must have ___________.” What do your answers have to do with your worship?


Today’s Readings:
Numbers 25 & 26
Psalm 34.1-7
Proverbs 11.28
Mark 13.21-37


How would you fill in the blank?


Numbers 25 & 26:

Modern Day Idolaters


As we see God’s swift and strong judgment on sin in the Old Testament, we need to remember a couple of things. First, He was protecting the people and the bloodline through which He was going to bring forth the Messiah.

But second, though God is patient and merciful with us in our sin and idolatry, it doesn’t mean He’s changed His mind about sin! It’s only the blood of Christ that keeps us from a similar fate and it was the mercy and love of God that made provision for our salvation. And how great a salvation it is!

We tend to write off the idea that we, too, are idolaters. We may or may not bow down to carved images, but we are frequently guilty of having other things on the throne of our hearts besides God Himself. Things like: I must have a spouse to be happy; I must have a godly husband; I must have a wife who respects me, I must have obedient children; or some other, “I must ..” Even good things can become idols if they are the focal point of our lives in the place of God.

Ask yourself, “Is there something or someone I think I cannot be happy without?”

Our idols can become so important that they blind us (Ezek. 14.1-8). In our blindness we can begin to justify sin or even refuse to see that it exists. We murmur and complain like the children of Israel in the wilderness. We compromise our moral standards, resort to sinful anger, or give in to fear.

When we do, it is sin—pure and simple. No amount of sugar coating will change it, but the answer is just as simple—to repent and turn away from our idols (Ezek. 14.6), receive God’s provision of forgiveness, and seek His help to grow and change, beginning with trusting in His wisdom and timing.

With what would you fill in the blank? What is your “I-must-have …”?




Psalm 34.1-7:

Evidence of Our Triune God


Verse 7 says, “The angel of the LORD encamps all around those who fear Him, and delivers them.”

That phrase “the angel of the Lord” refers to an appearance of the pre-incarnate Christ. Even though the term Trinity is not used in the Bible, the evidence of a Triune God is there in both the Old and New Testaments.


Proverbs 11.28:

Trusting in Riches


money in hand greed trusting riches

“He who trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous will flourish like foliage.”

Notice it doesn’t say, “he who has riches will fall,” but “he who trusts in riches will fall.” This is true if we’re trusting in anything or anyone other than God Himself. Remember, God said, “Have no other gods before me!”

1 Timothy 6.17-19 warns the rich to not be conceited (proud) or to trust in that fact, but to trust in God who is the source of all material blessings. Paul told Timothy in that passage to instruct the rich, or anyone who has more than he or she needs, to be generous and share. When they do they will be amassing true wealth in heaven.


Mark 13.21-37:

Are you ready?


In verse 21, as in verse 6, Jesus warns that many false prophets and “messiahs” will come claiming they have solutions to the world’s problems. In the following verses Jesus continues to describe many of the events of the Tribulation period, the 7 years following the removal of the Church at the Rapture.

No one knows exactly when all this will begin. Our job is to be ready, to be alert (watching) and praying, especially for discernment about spiritual dangers.

Let’s be found alert, not sluggish in our attitudes toward sin, the spiritual needs of others, and our need to stay connected to Him in prayer. Let’s be found doing kingdom work: serving Him, spending time with Him in His Word and in prayer, and sharing the Gospel with others.

And when that trumpet sounds … we who are in Christ will rise to meet Him in the air.


If the trumpet sounds ... are you ready?

If you are not sure you’re ready, talk to someone you believe is. Ask them to explain the Gospel to you. If you understand the Gospel, but have never truly surrendered, don’t wait!

You might survive all the catastrophes that happen when millions of people are suddenly gone from their pilots’ chairs, drivers’ seats, and other places, and the panic that will follow. You might have an opportunity to turn to God during the Tribulation, but you won’t escape from it once it begins. There’s no second chance to escape, except in death. So why take that chance?

Let’s be ready—watching and waiting and praying and sharing the Gospel with those who aren’t!



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  1. I have asked that very question.. on myself and of others. What would it take for me, or someone else to be happy… hmmm… what a trap to think happiness should be our goal and what a way to push God out of His proper place in our hearts. Thank you for your post.

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