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Handling Emotions Biblically - Emotions are real and part of being human. In fact, God created us as emotional beings. But problems result when we allow our emotions to control our thoughts, words, and actions. When that happens, we can quickly end up in a ditch, spiritually and relationally.

This has been a busy summer for me. This week-end alone we’ve had the wedding of one of our grandchildren, two other grandchildren in a musical theater production, and today dinner out with family for my birthday. I know it’s been the same for many of you vacations and summer activities.

That said, the linkup is open, but there’s no new post today. Instead, here’s a bit of a roundup of what we’ve covered so far.

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Handling Emotions Biblically Series


Week One, Handling Emotions Biblically: I introduced the series and talked about why, while emotions are real and powerful, they shouldn’t be what’s leading the show!

Week Two, “Handling Anger Biblically”: In this post I said that since God is the One who created us and everything else, all sinful anger flows out of our unwillingness to accept the fact that He is the Creator, and that He gets to make the rules.

When we get angry we’re really saying, “I don’t like the way You’re letting things work out in my life!”

We get angry because we want to decide what’s right and what’s wrong for us. We should be asking, “Lord, how do you want to use this in my life?” Instead, we allow the “feelings” to take over.

We also talked about the fact that emotions like anger, sorrow, guilt, depression … are not sinful in and of themselves, it’s what we do with those feelings that makes them sinful or not.

We discussed the different kinds of anger and said that anger is not just an emotion, but an issue of the heart (Matt. 15.18-20).

So, it’s not enough to just “control or manage anger.” The heart issues must be addressed if we want any lasting change and the kind of change that’s pleasing to God.

Week Three, “Handling Anger Biblically Part 2”: We talked about why God gave us the emotion of anger and how we express it in different ways. Some of us turn it inward and others explode on everyone around them.

Week Four, “Handling Anger Biblically Part 3”: In this post I wrote about the steps to overcoming sinful anger.

Week Five, “Handling Depression Biblically Part 1“: We looked at three different views on depression: the medical view, the cultural view, and the biblical view.

Week Six, “Handling Depression Biblically Part 2”: We discussed the differences between depression and discouragement. We also looked at various people in the Bible who struggled with these feelings.

Week Seven, “Handling Depression Biblically Part 3”: In this post we looked at David’s life, the many opportunities he had to be depressed, and then spent some time talking about his feelings after he sinned with Bathsheba. We looked honestly at the fact that, in some cases, sin is at the root of our feelings of depression and anxiety.

Week Eight, “Handling Fear & Worry Biblically: Acceptable Sins”: In this post we looked primarily at worry and its sinful roots. I said that some sins are so common they’ve almost become acceptable, even among believers in Christ. Though we may spin them with words like: concerned, disturbed, or troubled, fear and worry fall into that category.

Week Nine, “Handling Fear & Worry Biblically: The Antidote”: Last week I said that when sin entered the world it was accompanied by an uninvited guest … FEAR. We looked at the two root causes of fear and discovered the antidote for this powerful emotion. Lastly, I included a list of verses to study and meditate on when you’re tempted to be worried of fearful. A number of people told me they were going to bookmark it as a helpful reference.

In future posts we’ll look more at guilt and cover trials and suffering. Be sure to add your email here so you don’t miss any of them.

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  1. Thanks, I needed that review. And I’m really glad that you are having lots of family time and making memories together this summer! (But why is it that good things always pile up all in the same weekend???)

    • I don’t know, but that seems to be the case for us. So glad you were here today, Michele. Thanks for understanding.

    • Thanks you, Joanne. The perfectionist old man makes me cringe when I can’t “do it all” or when I know something isn’t what I want it to be. The old man dies hard! LOL

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