July 27 “Flattery will get you … !”


Could you be drawn away from God’s plans in your life by flattery or some other temptation?

Today’s Readings:
Nehemiah 6 & 7
Psalm 89.5-10
Proverbs 21.28
Acts 27.1-26

Nehemiah 6 & 7:

Enticing distractions

Chapter 6 reminds me of so much of what goes on in politics and the media today. As soon as someone starts to do something significant for God, influential people want to meet with him or her and, often, interview them for TV or some other media. Sadly, many have learned the hard way that the media doesn’t really want to rejoice with them because they’re doing something worthwhile. In fact, most have learned that what they say and do gets twisted and misreported. And all it does is serve as a distraction from what’s really important.

When flattery or the enticement of national coverage or rubbing elbows with dignitaries doesn’t work, the enemy will often attack from within—sometimes using people close to that person. How many times have we read the phrase “unnamed sources say …”

coworkers, temptation, just friends

Another way the enemy attempts to bring down servants of God is by taking advantage of our own sinful desires, often through an immoral sexual encounter. Sexual encounters don’t always start with something obviously sexual or immoral. Often they happen between two co-workers or even people who work together in ministry.

I thought it was interesting that one of the people mentioned in verse 14 was a woman, the prophetess Noahdiah! Even though nothing sexual is mentioned, what if Nehemiah had listened to her and begun to develop a relationship with her? How many times has someone said, “We’re just friends” only to fall into temptation as the “friendship” develops? We need to be so careful of both the perception of something inappropriate and the temptations that we all face.

But Nehemiah didn’t fall for any of these ploys. He kept his focus on God’s purposes and trusted God for the results.

Psalm 89.5-10:

Who can be compared to the Lord?

Verse 6, “For who in the heavens can be compared to the LORD? Who among the sons of the mighty can be likened to the LORD?”

The psalmist praises the Lord as being unparalleled in all the universe!

liar, fingers crossed

Proverbs 21.28:

Truth and lies

“A false witness shall perish, but the man who hears him will speak endlessly.”

A person who lies will eventually be destroyed by his own lies, but a person who only speaks what he knows to be true will be consistent. We have probably all known people who lie endlessly. Eventually they lose all credibility. But people who speak truth consistently come to be trusted and depended upon.

Acts 27.1-26:

God’s plan

Again we see God faithfully carrying out His plan for Paul to go to Rome, in spite of bad decisions by the people involved. Remember, His plans and purposes for us are just as sure.


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5 thoughts on “July 27 “Flattery will get you … !”

  1. Such wise truths in this post! Flattery is without a doubt a means to destruction. The tongue can, has, and will continue to destroy people’s lives as they knew them. A legitimate issue that isn’t often discussed online. Thank you so much for doing so!

    • Kelly,
      Yes, the tongue, as James warned us, can be full of poison, even when it sounds so good. Thanks for commenting. Blessings, Donna

  2. Flattery can definitely be used by the enemy to draw us into places we should not go. I think it is so important we wear the armor of God so we can recognize when a compliment or flattery is not of the Holy SPirit.

    • Yes, and we need to remember that everything we are and everything we have is from Him. That can help keep things in perspective. Blessings, Donna

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