June 10 “Wise living & God’s provision”

God’s Word has much to say about wise living and, if heeded, can help us avoid many of the pitfalls that lead to disaster especially in tough economic times.

wise living

Today’s Readings:
1 Kings 7 & 8
Psalm 72.8-16
Proverbs 18.12-13
John 18.19-40

1 Kings 7 & 8:

God’s gracious provision in tough economic times

God often used famine to bring judgment on rebellious nations, but He always provided for those who kept their eyes on Him.

You remember, in yesterday’s readings, Samaria was suffering from a terrible famine because the Syrians had the city under siege. It was a common method of warfare to cut off all the supplies to a city to starve them out. But now, at God’s instruction, and without a battle, the siege comes to an end and the famine is ended.

Then in chapter 8, the writer injects another story about famine and God’s provision. For a number of reasons, many Bible scholars believe this was something that had actually happened earlier chronologically. The famine in both cases came as a result of God’s judgment on idolatry and apostasy, but in both cases, we see God’s provision. In chapter 7 the provision came as a result of God’s decree and without any requirement from His people. He simply extended grace to the whole city.

But in chapter 8, we see a beautiful illustration of God’s provision even in the midst of continued national judgment. He not only warned and provided for this woman, but when it was over, restored everything she had lost.

wise living

As believers, we need to keep our eyes on the Lord and trust in His provision. But we also need to heed the warnings that He provides, primarily through His written Word. God’s Word has much to say about wise living and, if heeded, can help us avoid many of the pitfalls that lead to disaster especially in tough economic times.

Psalm 72.8-16:

Deliverer to the poor & needy

Verse 12, “For He will deliver the needy when he cries, the poor also, and him who has no helper.” God has always been the defender of the poor when they turn to Him is faith and humility.

Proverbs 18.12-13:

Pride and its consequences

Verse 12, “Before destruction the heart of a man is haughty, and before honor is humility.” 16.18 says, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Another translation of verse 12 says, “Before everything falls apart a man’s heart is haughty …”

Too often, when we are in the most danger of a huge fall, we are the least open to wise counsel?

Let’s pray that God will give us friends who will speak truth to us when we seem blinded to it ourselves.


John 18.19-40:

Peter’s denial

I couldn’t help thinking about the above passage from proverbs when I read John 18 about Peter’s denial. Prideful, self-confident Peter had told Jesus he would never deny Him, and here he was three denials later, hearing that rooster crow (Jn. 13.38)!


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