June 25 “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming …”


Reading through the Bible is a great goal and worth persevering through. To quote that great philosopher Dory, “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim, swim.”

On to the Word …

Today’s Readings:
1 Chronicles 13 & 14
Psalm 78.1-11
Proverbs 19.20-21
Acts 7.22-43

1 Chronicles 13 & 14:

The horrible consequences of sin

God allows us to see the men and women He uses with all their warts and failings:

Verse 14.3, “Then David took more wives in Jerusalem, and David begot more sons and daughters.”

Remember kings had been specifically commanded not to take multiple wives (Deut. 17.17). Even though God allowed him to do so, He didn’t condone it. And the history of his life and family reveals the horrible consequences, including: infighting, jealousy, incest, and murder. So don’t be tempted to think the men and women in the Bible somehow got a pass on sin.

As a pastor friend of our used to say, “You can choose to sin, but you don’t get to choose the consequences.”

“Sin will take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and cost you more than you want to pay”– unknown

Psalm 78.1-11:

Reasonably transparent

The title of this psalm is “A Contemplation of Asaph.” A contemplation is “something to think about.”

Verse 4 reminds the people to tell their children the stories of their history with God. They were also to teach their children the law God had “appointed for them” (v. 5). So they would, “set their hope in God, And not forget the works of God, But keep His commandments” (v. 7) and not be like their fathers (v. 8).

We, too, should tell our stories to our children, being “reasonably” transparent about our own mistakes and the consequences. We should also remind them of God’s grace, mercy, and blessings in our lives.

I say “reasonably” transparent because they don’t need all the gory details. Make sure what you share is age appropriate.

Proverbs 19.20-21:

“Those that would be wise …”

Verse 20, “Listen to counsel and receive instruction, that you may be wise in your latter days.”

Matthew Henry comments about verse 20:

“Those that would be wise in their latter end must hear counsel and receive instruction, in their beginnings, must be willing to be taught and ruled, willing to be advised and reproved, when they are young. Those that would be stored in winter must gather in summer.”

What a great quote!

Acts 7.22-43:

The danger of “playing around” with sin

In this passage Stephen recounted the sad history of Israel. I say sad because even though it included all of God’s mighty acts, the people as a whole still went their own way.

And as a result, “God turned and gave them up to worship the host of heaven, as it is written in the book of the Prophets …”

God is patient and merciful, but He does reach a point where, when we have repeatedly rejected God’s truth, He will give us up to our own sinful desires (Rom. 1.18-32). The result is a downward spiral of sin and idolatry that is progressively harder to escape. We should not think we can knowingly “play around” with sin as if there are no consequences.


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2 thoughts on “June 25 “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming …”

  1. Fabulous post! I love what your pastor friend said… “you can choose to sin, but you don’t get to choose the consequences”… so much truth there.

    I agree, sin is not to be played with. Fortunately, the more time we spend with God, the less “tempting” sin becomes.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a lovely evening.

    • Jennifer, yes, in His mercy as we grow in our desire for His Word and seek to apply it to our lives, sin does become less tempting. But as long as we are in these flesh and blood bodies there’s enough of a pull to keep us dependent on Him, isn’t there! I look forward to linking up again. We have been out of town for almost 3 weeks now and I’ve had very little time to blog or visit anyone else’s. I’m going through a bit of withdrawal (LOL). I look forward to spending more time visiting your neck of the woods internet. Have a blessed week.