June 21 “Hypocrisy & little white lies”

Ananias and Sapphira died instantly for lying to the Holy Spirit. If God dealt with lying and hypocrisy in the same way in our churches this Sunday, I wonder how many of us would walk out?


Today’s Readings:
1 Chronicles 5 & 6
Psalm 77.1-3
Proverbs 19.10-12
Acts 5.1-21

1 Chronicles 5 & 6:

The tribe of Levi

As we continue through the genealogical record, the tribe of Levi, as the priestly tribe, is given special prominence. Not only do we have the genealogy, but their responsibilities are delineated, as well. In 6.33-47 we see those assigned the responsibilities for singing and praising God in the house of the Lord. Heman seems to be over all the singing with Asaph and Ethan on his right and on his left. Besides singing they also penned a number of the psalms. Asaph is given credit for the one in our reading today.

Psalm 77.1-3:

I will remember

Notice the title, “A Psalm of Asaph.” This psalm, like many others, starts out with deep sorrow, but ends with the psalmist encouraging himself and us, with accounts of God’s faithfulness in the past. This is one reason why the psalms are a good place to go when we are struggling with hurts and discouragements. The psalmists were often very honest with God about their disappointments, grievances, fears and worries, but there comes a turning point where they begin to say, “… but God …” We will see that in this psalm as we proceed through it over the next couple of days.

In these three verses we see words and phrases like. “I cried out,” “in the day of my trouble,” “my soul refused to be comforted,” “I … was troubled,” “I complained,” and “my spirit was overwhelmed.” But later we’ll see such phrases as. “But I will remember” and “I will meditate … and talk of Your deeds.” Continue reading