“The Rise of Evil, Prophecy, Comfort & Eternity” December 4


The Rise of EvilThe rise of evil today is unprecedented. All we need to do in turn on the news: mass shootings, terrorist attacks, violent protests, murder, sex trafficking, child pornography and more. Could there be any connection to this rise in evil and the rejection of God’s law in our individual lives and as a nation?

Daniel saw the rise of evil in his time as pagan kings and others tried to destroy the people of God and their faith in Him. And God gave him a vision of the calamities that were yet to come on future generations. These prophecies were so accurate and detailed that people have tried to use their accuracy to discredit them, saying they must have been written after the fact.

Finally, God gave Daniel a beautiful hope-filled promise, the same one we need to hold onto as we see the rise of evil all around us.  Continue reading