“On Dazzling & the Light of Christ” February 8

Dazzling & the Light of Christ Are you dazzling those around you with the light of Christ? Do others see the difference He has made in your life?


Today’s Readings:
Exodus 27 & 28
Psalm 20.1-5
Proverbs 7.1-5
Matthew 24.29-51


On Dazzling & the Light of Christ


Exodus 27 & 28

Are you dazzling?


Verse 28:2, “You shall make a holy garment for Aaron your brother; for glory and for beauty.”

A friend shared the following about this verse, “This is a short but fantastic description of how God does things; in a way that reflects His glory and in a way that is simply beautiful. As you read about all these materials, just imagine the pure gold; the sparkling gems that had the names of Israel’s tribes engraved in them; the magnificent fabrics and the rich wood used. God could’ve made the tabernacle utilitarian – getting the job done but no shine to the place. Instead, He chose the extravagance of beauty and in doing so, gave us a lesson on His character and how He would like for us to live – in a way that ascribes glory to Him and in a way that dazzles those around us!”

Are you living in such a way that even unbelievers see the dazzling light of Christ shining through you?  Continue reading

“It’s not fair!” January 30


It's not fair!It’s not fair! Have you ever looked around at the lives of others and thought just that?


Today’s Readings:
Exodus 9 & 10
Psalm 17.8-15
Proverbs 5.21-23
Matthew 20.1-16


It’s not fair!


Matthew 20.1-16:

Unfair Labor Practices?


In “The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard,” a businessman hires workers at various times throughout the day. At the end of the day, he pays the same wage to those who were hired just before quitting time as to those who worked all day. Some of them said, in effect, “It’s not fair!”

Have you ever felt like those laborers who were hired early in the morning? Perhaps, on the job or, possibly, in your spiritual life?

Maybe you were raised in church. Or maybe you were the “good” son or daughter, the one who didn’t rebel against your parents or your Christian upbringing. Or maybe you’ve been a believer for a long time, faithfully serving Him and there are things you’ve prayed about that haven’t happened.

Maybe you got a diagnosis you didn’t want or your spouse walked out on you? Then you see some new believer all excited because God has done something great for her!

Or maybe you’ve had a hard time accepting the fact that your “n’er-do-well” brother-in-law got saved after years of drug use and wild living and now everyone acts like he’s the golden boy! It hardly seems fair.

We can be so like the older brother in the story of the Prodigal Son (Lk. 15.11-32). He was mad because his father forgave his wild younger brother and even threw a party when he came home (more about that when we get there).

But, if we’re honest, we might look back and admit that though we may not have “run off” into riotous living like the prodigal, there have been many times when our hearts were far from God, times we harbored bitterness and unforgiveness, times when we were selfish, manipulative, unkind and unloving. Instead of being upset over God’s grace in the lives of others, we need to get down on our knees and thank Him for His grace in ours.

And no matter what … even when it doesn’t seem fair to us, we can trust in the goodness of our sovereign God. A great book to help you understand His goodness and sovereignty in the midst of difficulty is the book It’s Not Fair! by Wayne Mack.


Today’s Other Readings:


Exodus 9 & 10:

On Dogs & Sows


God is about to deliver His people from Israel, but so far Pharaoh has refused to let his cheap labor force leave Egypt.

Over and over he agrees to allow them to go, only to harden his heart when the “crisis” of each plague is over and the “pain” is not so intense (see Jan. 29 post, “Sleeping with Frogs”). Don’t we often do the same?  Continue reading