“4 Questions to Ask When Faced with Decisions” July 2


4 Questions to Ask When Faced with Decisions -

When you are faced with decisions, try asking yourself these four questions to help gain insight?


Today’s Readings:
1 Chronicles 28 & 29
Psalm 78.67-72
Proverbs 20.6-7
Acts 10.24-48


4 Questions to Ask When Faced with Decisions


1 Chronicles 28 & 29:

Decisions, Decisions … 


Chapter 28.19, “‘All this,’ said David, ‘the LORD made me understand in writing, by His hand upon me, all the works of these plans.'”

Did you notice what David said, “He made me understand in writing …” I’m an on-again off-again journaler, but I see tremendous value in keeping a spiritual journal. I’m not referring to a diary like we usually think of them and I’m not talking about a place to vent and, in effect, sin on paper. I’m talking about a place where we write out prayers, key verses or devotional thoughts and keep a record of our walk with God.

Another way to use a journal in conjunction with our devotional time is when seeking wisdom for a decision. Try writing out your questions and concerns and asking yourself four questions (these are adapted from The Heart of a Woman Who Prays: Drawing Near to the God Who Loves You by Elizabeth George):

Why would I do it?
Why would I not do it?
Why should I do it?
Why should I not do it?

The first two reveal our motives. For example, would I do it because someone else expects it or because of what people may think of me (fear of man, Prov. 29.25)? Would I not do it because of a fear of failure or a lack of trust in God?

The last two get to why God would have us do or not do something. For example, is there a commandment involved? Is God’s glory or my testimony at stake?

This can sometimes be a very helpful process, but we need to remember that something we write out, even in our quiet time, is not the same as God’s inspired Word in Scripture. It is, however, one way God can speak to our hearts and reveal His wisdom to us.


Today’s Other Readings:


Psalm 78.67-72:

From Sheepfolds and Fishing Boats


Verses 70-71:

70 He also chose David His servant,
And took him from the sheepfolds;
71 From following the ewes that had young He brought him,
To shepherd Jacob His people,
And Israel His inheritance.

This reminded me of what Jesus told two fishermen, Peter and Andrew, in Matthew 4.19, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” God takes who we are and uses it for His glory!  Continue reading