“Wish You Could Share the Gospel without Fear?” December 8


Wish You Could Share the Gospel without Fear? #gospel #reasonfortheseason #JesusChrist #evangelism #Christmas

Do you find yourself complaining that Christ has been removed from much that goes on this season? Protests against hymns and prayers in schools. Merry Christmas replaced with Happy Holidays. Too much emphasis on buying and a gimme-gimme attitude.

But what are you and I doing to shine the light of Christ and share the reason this season exists? Are we so focused on long lines and long to-do lists that we fail to share the most important thing … the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Does sharing the gospel strike fear in your heart? Check out today’s post for one of the best resources I’ve found for sharing our faith.

And what about our interaction with other believers? Have we fallen into some of the world’s concepts about love and tolerance? How do passages like Galatians 6.1-2 and Ezekiel 33.1-6 make it clear that tolerance is not always loving?

Also read about God’s promises to Israel, the futility of running from God, and how a fool and his words get into trouble.  Continue reading

“Vows, Authority & Soul Winning” March 16


What does God say about our vows?

How does the ancient “Law of Vows” apply to us today? And what does it have to do with a right view of authority?


Today’s Readings:
Numbers 29 & 30
Psalm 34.15-22
Proverbs 11.30-31
Mark 14.27-54


Vows, Authority & Soul Winning


Numbers 29 & 30:

The “Law of Vows” & a Right View of Authority


Chapter 30 covers the “Law of Vows.” God takes truth and honoring our word seriously. Jesus said, “But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’” (Matt. 5.37a”]).

God not only takes truth seriously, but He also takes authority seriously. Part of the “Law of Vows” addressed that fact. It said if a woman still lived in her father’s house or if she was married, her father or husband could overrule what she vowed.

Authority is still very important to God whether in our marriages, in the workplace, or in other areas of life.

We need to teach our children the importance of respect for authority, too. That means teaching them to respect their teachers, the police and other civil authorities, and even the other parent where divorce has taken place.

We should teach them both by instruction and by example. That means we must show respect to our spouses (& ex-spouses), their teachers and school officials, civil authorities, and our bosses.

Authority, however, stops when the other person asks us to sin. Sin would include Continue reading

Good Reads on Christmas Traditions, Resolutions & More


What I've Been Reading Christmas EssentialsI don’t know about you but I’m constantly blessed by the great posts I read on other sites. Here are a few I’ve enjoyed the last couple of weeks on Christmas traditions, possibly some New Year’s resolutions, our fear of witnessing, and more.


#1. If you need some creative ideas for Christmas and Christmas Eve, this is your list! From movies, to music, to making the season special, it’s here. Elizabeth’s “Christmas Eve Service” made me wish my children were young again!

The 12 Days of Christmas Things I Love by Elizabeth at Guilty Chocoholic Mama.


#2. There is a good chance we all need to be more faithful about this subject and Alison’s plan is the one I find the most helpful to many people. New Year’s resolution, anyone? (Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget to sign up for the Bible in a Year posts for 2016.)

How to Memorize Scripture the Easy Way from Alison at The Life of Scoop.

#3. This is a great reminder that this is important to understand every day not just the first time faith came alive.

Do you understand the blessing of not working for salvation? by Lisa at Conforming to the Truth.

#4. If you have been thinking about doing the Daniel Fast after the first of the year, you might want to take advantage of this sale on Nannette’s Devotional.

Feasting to Fasting – the Daniel Fast Devotional is on sale!

#5. I can’t help myself, I have to share another post I enjoyed by Sharon. She has a gift for mixing humor with serious points. The most important serious point is about “the” black Friday that made all the difference! And there’s trivia at the end!

Black Friday Shopping by Sharon at Sharon Sharing God.


#6. Ren makes some excellent points about the refugee situation (especially the part about listening and not demonizing each other). We must learn to balance grace and truth. The quote about why we lock our doors is worth the price of admission.

Jesus the Refugee? by Ren at Redeemed of the Lord.


#7. This next post is a great reminder to not be afraid to allow people to see Christ in us, even if it’s mixed with our weaknesses, too.

What I’m Afraid to Say by Renee at Doorkeeper.


Featuring a post here doesn’t mean I always agree 100% or I would say things quite the same way, but that the thoughts and ideas are some we should think about.

I hope you enjoy visiting and reading these posts as much as I did. I’ll have more great reads to share with you in a week or so. What have you been reading that has blessed you?

December blessings,



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