Read the “Bible in a Year” in 2015

plan for 2015    plan for 2015

It’s that time of year again: time for resolutions and new beginnings.

Sadly, many of our resolutions fall too quickly by the wayside. How can we keep that from happening?

We need to turn those resolutions into a plan!

time to plan

One of the areas where Christians often want to grow is in the area of Bible reading and comprehension. Is that you? Do you have a plan for reading the Bible in 2015?

Maybe you have resolved to read more of God Word, or follow a certain devotional, or read the “Bible in a Year” before, but failed somewhere along the way.

That’s ok! Most of us tried and failed numerous times before we succeeded! I know I did!

One of the best ways to overcome that tendency is to join other like-minded people so you can encourage one another along the way and share the things you are learning.

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Why not join me and read through the Bible this year?

Just sign up to receive the “Bible in a Year” email each day. It arrives with a short introduction on one of the subjects discussed that day. Each day we will cover a passage from the Old Testament, short readings in Psalms & Proverbs, and a passage from the N.T. That helps keep it interesting! If you have ever gotten bogged down somewhere, you know what I mean.

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And … it only takes about 15 minutes a day to read the Bible in a year. 15 minutes! Can you give God 15 minutes a day to get to know Him better?

I add practical commentary about the day’s readings … principles and truths you can use in your life … TODAY! Many are gleaned from my counseling experience.

Just click “Bible in a Year” and add your email.

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You can also sign up to receive notices for new “Christian Living” posts (on marriage, parenting, communication, blended families, book reviews, wisdom from Proverbs, and more).

If you have any questions or problems signing up, you can contact me.

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