“The Danger of Education & Wealth” May 31


The Danger of Education or Wealth - Can the very blessings of God hinder someone's relationship with Him? What is the danger of education or wealth? What can we learn from the life of Solomon and from Paul's writing in the New Testament?Can the very blessings of God hinder someone’s relationship with Him? What is the danger of education or wealth? What can we learn from the life of Solomon and from Paul’s writing in the New Testament?


Today’s Readings:
1 Kings 9 & 10
Psalm 69.1-4
Proverbs 17.18-22
John 11.30-57


1 Kings 9 & 10:

The danger of education or wealth

Can you imagine a time in history when the blessings of God were so great that silver was accounted for nothing? The gold that was given or paid to Solomon was measured in “talents.” A talent was 100 pounds and would probably be worth over $5,000,000.00 today.

And it wasn’t just the monetary blessings, but the blessings of wisdom—so much so—that the Queen of Sheba would travel 1200 miles at a time when there were no jets, no trains, not even cars, only camels, horses and carts—just to see if it was true!

But then to see how the sinful nature of man can allow even the blessings of God to become a snare as Solomon began to accumulate wealth in a way that he had been forbidden to do. It’s not that it’s wrong to “save” or to have money in the bank, or even to have material goods. Remember, God gave Joseph the wisdom to set aside stores of food to last Egypt through 7 years of famine and enough to sell to people from other nations. Continue reading

September 1 “Passionate physical love” & LINKUP

Romantic coupleSolomon and his bride have a lot to teach us about God’s will for passionate physical love within marriage.

Today’s Readings:
Song of Solomon 1 & 2
Psalm 104.1-9
Proverbs 24.15-16
1 Corinthians 11.17-34

Song of Solomon 1 & 2:

God & sex

Just in case you didn’t think God sees sex as a good thing, think again. The Song of Solomon is a book about the sexual relationship between a man and a woman! It’s written in the form of Hebrew poetry, something most of us find somewhat foreign, but if we go through it prayerfully, I believe God will give us some great nuggets of truth. Truths that can open our minds, not just to God’s thoughts on sexual intimacy, but to the incredible love He has for us and the intimacy He desires with us. REMEMBER: Marriage is supposed to be a picture of Christ and His church (Eph. 5.32)! So even if you’re single, the Song of Songs has much to say to you.

young kissing coupleLet’s start with 1.2:

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—for your love is better than wine.”

According to Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus in their book Intimate Issues, the word for kiss in Hebrew is onomatopoetic, that is, it sounds like what it means. They suggest we might translate this verse, “O, that he’d give me some of his smacking kisses that take my breath away.” Continue reading

May 27 “Housewives and kingdom rewards”

Have you ever wanted to go out into the mission field? or record a Christian hit song? or be a great Bible teacher? And instead, you find yourself cooking and cleaning and teaching Bible verses to preschoolers.  What does God have to say about housewives and kingdom rewards?

housewives and kingdom rewards

Today’s Readings:
1 Kings 1 & 2
Psalm 68.11-14
Proverbs 17.7-9
John 9.24-41

1 Kings 1 & 2:

Solomon becomes king

In chapter 1 King David is dying. (Those of us who are married and getting older can be thankful for electric blankets, none of that “virgin heating” for our husbands! You’ll just have to read the passage!)

David’s oldest son, Adonijah tries to take control of the throne before his father is even dead. It’s obvious he knows that Solomon is the one who is to be king because he conveniently neglects to invite him to the “coronation.” But God in His sovereignty sees to it that his plan is revealed. Instead Solomon is crowned as king while his father is still alive.

A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps (Prov. 16.9).

A new king in town

Before he died David warned Solomon of some people to watch out for and gave him some last minute instructions, but Solomon, immediately, demonstrates a new style of leadership beginning with his response to his brother Adonijah (chap. 2).

Adonijah had committed treason and, even today, treason can result in the death penalty. But Solomon showed mercy. When his brother submitted to his authority and appeared to repent, Solomon sent him home. I’m sure he had his suspicions about Adonijah’s motives, but he gave him the benefit of the doubt.

1 Corinthians 13 says, “… love believes the best …”

Love chooses to believe the best until facts prove otherwise. In this case, Adonijah’s motives are soon revealed. He attempted to deceive Bathsheba into helping him regain power by allowing him to marry Abishag, the young woman who cared for David when he was dying. Had he married someone that close to the king, it would have given him a claim to the throne. And once his true motives were revealed, Solomon acted quickly and decisively.

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