“The Good Shepherd & Broken Bones” April 26


The Good Shepherd & Broken Bones

Verse 51.8, “Make me hear joy and gladness, that the bones You have broken may rejoice.” Why would the Good Shepherd allow the “broken bones” of trials and hardships to happen in the lives of His lambs?


Today’s Readings:
Judges 17-19
Psalm 51.7-11
Proverbs 14.33-35
Luke 18.24-43


The Good Shepherd & Broken Bones


Psalm 51.7-11:

Growing Close to the Good Shepherd


Verse 51.8, “Make me hear joy and gladness, that the bones You have broken may rejoice.” If you want to read an incredible commentary on Psalm 51, order the book Whiter Than Snow by Paul Tripp.

The section on verse 8 is too long to share with you here, but it reminded me of the way shepherds in Biblical times sometimes dealt with wayward lambs. If they kept running away, the shepherd knew sooner or later they would be eaten by a predator, so after repeatedly bringing them back to the fold, he would break one or more of their legs so they could no longer run. Then he would gently carry that lamb wrapped around his neck and shoulders. As the legs healed, the lamb would grow close to the shepherd and no longer want to run away.

Sometimes God has to use difficulties in our lives—broken bones, if you will—to keep us from wandering away from Him. When that happens we need to see them as part of His redemptive love for us because, ultimately, the safest place for us to be is close to the Great Shepherd.


Today’s Other Readings:


Judges 17-19:

“Everyone Did What Was Right in His Own Eyes”


Verse 17.6, “In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

This is the theme of the book of Judges and the stories it contains gives a graphic illustration of the moral condition of the nation as a result.  Continue reading