“Giving God Our Best” December 31


Giving God Our Best & Proverbs 31 -Happy New Year’s Eve,

Congratulations to those of you who have been reading all year and to those who started somewhere along the way. I hope you’re looking forward to starting again in the coming year.

As we read in Malachi today, let’s purpose in our hearts to give God our best in 2017 … to offer Him the firstfruits of our time in the morning … to be faithful with our tithes and offerings … to use our talents and resources to further His kingdom, to bring Him glory in all we do, and to honor Him in our marriages or our singleness or whatever our situation!

Our final passage in Proverbs pictures “the virtuous wife.” How do the characteristics of this ancient model speak to us today?

Finally, as you read the final 2 chapters of Revelation, allow John’s vision of the glories to come excite your heart!


Today’s Readings:
Malachi 1-4
Psalm 150
Proverbs 31.10-31
Revelation 21 & 22


Giving God Our Best


Malachi 1-4:

Finances, Time, Talent & More


As is all of God’s Word, this little book is rich with His truth. In chapter 1 we see the importance of giving God our best, not what is left over, whether that means finances, time, talent or some other resource.

God rebuked the people because, instead of giving the best of their flocks as a sacrifice, they offered the stolen, the lame and the sick animals.

Many times, instead of giving God our best we give Him what’s left over, if anything. We can’t tithe or give to the work of God because we are too strapped with huge mortgages and car payments. Perhaps we need to drive that older vehicle a little longer or adjust our budgets in other ways.

Instead of spending time with Him first thing in the morning, we rush off to work or get busy with our day, promising to read His Word before we go to sleep. At night, we’re too exhausted to read more than a few verses before we fall asleep without giving it serious thought or attention.

morning coffee tea bibleI don’t want to sound legalistic, because the Bible does not say we must spend time with God first thing in the morning. There may be some who are at their best at night. I also understand that some of you have young children who, as someone said, “Wake up at the first crack of the Bible.” But for most of us, morning is the time when we are most rested and when spending time with God is the most profitable.

In chapter 2 God rebukes the priests because, among other things, they took the covenant relationship of marriage lightly. And remember as new covenant believers we are all priests to the Lord (1 Pet. 2.5).

First, they knowingly disobeyed God by marrying unbelievers (2.11). Then those who were married were divorcing their wives:  Continue reading

The Jesus Code: “Faith, Legacies & the Goodness of God” + LINKUP


The Jesus Code

Chapter 20 The Jesus Code: 52 Scripture Questions Every Believer Should Answer by O.S. Hawkins.

This week’s question: “Who can find a virtuous wife?” (Proverbs 31.10).

At the beginning, when God created everything, He declared each part of creation “good!” That is, until He created man. Then He said, “It is not good that the man should be alone …”

God created us for relationships, first with Him and then with others. One of the most important relationships is the one between a husband and wife. Hawkins says:

After one’s personal relationship with the living Christ, there is no more important relationship than the one between a husband and wife. In fact, marriage is so central to life that Paul chose it to illustrate the relationship that exists between Christ and His own bride, the church. After discussing all the various nuances of the husband-wife relationship in Ephesians 5, Paul said, “This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the church” (v. 32). My relationship with my wife, Susie, is to present to the world a vivid and vital picture of Christ’s relationship with us, His chosen bride.

So this question should take center stage in the heart and mind of anyone choosing a life partner: “Who can find a virtuous wife?” (Proverbs 31: 10).

The author goes on to talk about the three important attributes of a virtuous wife:

  • She is blessed because of her faith. This starts with a reverential fear of the Lord (Prov. 31.30). Her faith then leads to faithfulness lived out in her relationships with her husband, her children, and others.
  • She leaves a beautiful legacy. Her children rise up and call her blessed and so does her husband (Prov. 31.28).
  • She trusts in the goodness of the Lord. Proverbs 31.25 says, “She shall rejoice in time to come,” or as the NASB phrases it, “She smiles at the future.” The virtuous woman is not fretful or worried because of her trust in the Lord.

Hawkins ends this chapter with this:

And by the way, Jesus our Bridegroom is looking for the same traits in us, His chosen bride. 

Ladies, if you are married, are you walking in faith and the fear of the Lord? Are you faithful? Do you seek to leave a beautiful legacy? Do you trust in the goodness of the Lord or are you fretful and anxious?

Gentlemen, these are not characteristics for wives only. Are you faithful in your marriage relationship? Are you walking in the fear of the Lord? Are you the husband and father God has called you to be? Do you trust God and His sovereignty?

If you are not married, are you preparing to be a godly husband or wife and have you set a standard for the kind of husband or wife you want some day?

And what about in your relationship with the Lord? Are you growing in faith and faithfulness?


Next week’s question is: Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? (Isaiah 6.8).

Last week’s question: “Where can I go from Your Spirit?” (Psalm 139.7). Read it here.



You can get a copy of The Jesus Code and follow along with these 52 vital questions. The chapters are short and can easily be read in one sitting. If you do, I’d love your feedback. Click here to get the book or here for Kindle.





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