“On Wax, Cracks & Happy Hearts” June 26



If you did a heart check, how would you describe your heart attitude this past week? In your relationships with others? How about before Sunday worship? How have you approached God privately? Do you worship God in spirit and in truth? Do you obey all the way, right away, with a happy heart?


Today’s Readings:
1 Chronicles 15 & 16
Psalm 78.12-16
Proverbs 19.22-24
Acts 7.44-60


Wax, Cracks & Happy Hearts


1 Chronicles 15 & 16:

By the Way … Bless Me

In Chapter 15 we find David once again preparing to bring the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem, but this time he does it in a way that is honoring to God. Whether he spent time reading the scrolls or talking to the priests, he had learned the importance of following God’s instructions for moving it.

Sometimes we, too, have a heart to do something for God, but we jump out there and do it without really seeking to understand if it’s the way He wants it done or if it’s even His will. Instead of prayerfully seeking Him, we go do our own thing and then ask God to bless our plan.

Everything the Israelites did in regard to the ark was part of their worship, recognizing that He is God and remembering to reverence Him.


In Spirit and Truth

When it comes to worship, we can be thankful that we have a new and better covenant as the book of Hebrews tells us. We are no longer under the ceremonial law with all of its restrictions and prohibitions (like “don’t touch the ark, unless you’re a Levite”). But the Old Testament laws were given so that we might better understand who God is.
In this case, that He is a holy God and should be honored as such.  Continue reading