“Why Bother Doing What is Right!?!” June 12


Why Bother Doing What Is Right? - Do you ever feel that way when you look around and see evil people doing fine ... even prospering? Those were the Psalmist's thoughts. But things are not always as they seem … Also, read about a grandmother so wicked she had her own grandchildren killed and the foolishness of judging when you only hear one side of the story.Why bother doing what is right? Do you ever feel that way when you look around and see evil people doing fine … even prospering? Those were the Psalmist’s thoughts. But things are not always as they seem …

Also, read about a grandmother so wicked she had her own grandchildren killed and the foolishness of judging when you only hear one side of the story.


Today’s Readings:
2 Kings 11-13
Psalm 73.1-9
Proverbs 18.16-17
John 19.23-42


Why Bother Doing What Is Right!?!


Envious of the Wicked?

Psalm 73.1-9:


Verses 1-3, “Truly God is good to Israel, to such as are pure in heart. But as for me, my feet had almost stumbled; My steps had nearly slipped. For I was envious of the boastful, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked.”

Even though the Psalmist knew the truth, that God is good to His children, he got his eyes off God and His promises. Instead, he got into self-pity, thinking how much easier life is for those who are not following God.

How like us! Who among us has not asked, “Why bother doing what is right? Look at so and so, she isn’t even trying to live right and she has a great husband, a nice home …!” But, as we’ll see in tomorrow’s reading, things aren’t always the way they appear on the surface.


Today’s Other Readings:


God is Faithful

2 Kings 11-13:


Athaliah, the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel, had been her son’s counselor (2 Chron. 22.3-4), leading him in the worship of Baal. After his death she was anxious to grab power and see to it that Baal worship continued in Judah. So much so, that she was willing to kill her own grandchildren!

Athaliah didn’t just want Baal worship allowed, she wanted it sanctioned by the one in control … her.

As I listen to the news and hear the homosexual, gay-marriage, pro-abortion and other anti-God proponents, it is easy to see that, like Athaliah, they are not happy to be allowed the freedom to make their personal choices. They want the sanction of government and society, in general.

But God is faithful to His promises. He protected the one-year-old Joash (Jehoash) from his grandmother. God then saw to it that he was anointed king at the age of seven fulfilling His promise that a descendant of David would rule.

Even though God may allow our nation to suffer the judgment that comes from turning away from Him, He will still protect His own people, and there will be a remnant like the priests of Judah who will take a stand for what is right in God’s eyes.


The Other Side of the Story

Proverbs 18.16-17:


Verse 17, “The first one to plead his cause seems right, until his neighbor comes and examines him.”

As a counselor, I have to keep this in mind when I only hear one side of a story. But it’s also an important principle for parents and others to remember.

It’s especially important for parents of grown children. When our children come to us complaining about their spouses, we need to remember that we are only hearing one side of the story and, no matter how much we love our child, we are not doing him or her any favors by taking sides or telling them what they want to hear, instead of, what they need to hear.

We need to remember, first, that there is another side to the story, but more importantly, we need to be on God’s side. That means encouraging our son or daughter to go to God and their spouse, and to work through the problems biblically.

Secret Followers

John 19.23-42:



In John 19.38-39, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, two well respected men, risked their reputations and possibly their lives to claim the body of Jesus and see that it was handled respectfully. Although they may have been secretive about Jesus during His life, they took a stand at the end.

How many “secret followers” are there today? What might happen in our nation if we all stood up for Christ and His Word?


What about You? Questions to Ponder or Journal:

Are you a “secret follower” or do others know of your commitment to Christ?

How do you respond when friends or loved ones complain or gossip about others in their lives? Do you “pick up their offenses”? Do you join in the attack? Or do you encourage them to do what is biblically right?

Have you ever been tempted to get into self-pity because it seems like people who want nothing to do with God or just aren’t living right get away with murder? Have you been tempted to envy their prosperity? How do you need to respond in the future?


Closing Thoughts:

I hope you are all being blessed by your time in God’s Word. Please share your thoughts in the comments section. I’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget to sign up to receive the blogs every day by email.



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4 thoughts on ““Why Bother Doing What is Right!?!” June 12

  1. Excellent! A colleague and I were (only partially) tongue in cheek discussing this the other day. With all the dead lines, timelines and such we meet ahead of schedule. Truly no one notices, there is no reward, so why?
    Not envy, but disheartened, at least in our instances.
    God notices. And the Two of Us recognize the excellent job we still do after all these years.

    • If we don’t do things as unto the Lord, it truly can be discouraging, can’t it! So glad you were here. Blessings!

  2. Good points… I hear people ask such questions, but I am reminded of the verse… “Choose you this day whom you will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” We do it because it is right… not because others will approve. 🙂

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