“Facing the Storms of Life” April 5


Facing the Storms of Life - Are you facing a storm in your life? Are wind and waves threatening to sink you boat? Are you worried about our nation, the economy or something else? Remember when you're facing the storms of life, He still rebukes the wind and waves.Are you facing a storm in your life? Are wind and waves threatening to sink you boat? Are you worried about our nation, the economy or something else? Remember when you’re facing the storms of life, He still rebukes the wind and waves.


Today’s Readings:
Deuteronomy 33 & 34
Psalm 40.13-17
Proverbs 13.13-14
Luke 8.1-25


Facing the Storms of Life


Luke 8.1-25:

Faithful Women



I was reminded again here in Luke 8 of just how many women were followers of Christ from the beginning (vv. 2-3). Not only did they follow, but many of them went with Him all the way to the cross.


Wind, Waves & Wonder


But let’s look at verses 22-25 again:

22 Now it happened, on a certain day, that He got into a boat with His disciples. And He said to them, “Let us cross over to the other side of the lake.” And they launched out. 23 But as they sailed He fell asleep. And a windstorm came down on the lake, and they were filling with water, and were in jeopardy. 24 And they came to Him and awoke Him, saying, “Master, Master, we are perishing!” Then He arose and rebuked the wind and the raging of the water. And they ceased, and there was a calm. 25 But He said to them, “Where is your faith?” And they were afraid, and marveled, saying to one another, “Who can this be? For He commands even the winds and water, and they obey Him!”

He went to sleep! And … He stayed asleep through the storm! He wasn’t wringing His hands wondering if they’d really get to the other side.

He hasn’t changed! He’s still in control of everything. He still rebukes the wind and the waves. He isn’t wringing His hands about the economy or who’s in office or who seems to be winning the cultural debate. He’s on the throne and those of us who stay in the boat with Him will get to the other side. 




Deuteronomy 33 & 34:

Hear the Word of the Lord


We have come to the end of this book, the last of the five books of Moses or the Pentateuch, meaning “five scrolls.” The Pentateuch forms a foundation for understanding the rest of Scripture. Moses himself commanded that these important truths be read publicly.

Deuteronomy 31.12, “Gather the people together, men and women and little ones, and the stranger who is within your gates, that they may hear and that they may learn to fear the LORD your God and carefully observe all the words of this law.”

It’s just as important for us to read and study and understand the truths contained in these sacred books so that we will “fear the Lord our God”—have that reverential respect that He alone is due—and that we will “observe all the words of this law”—be doers of the Word and not hearers only as James commanded us (Jas. 1.22-25).


Psalm 40.13-17:

Our Help in Need


Verse 17, “But I am poor and needy; yet the LORD thinks upon me. You are my help and my deliverer; do not delay, O my God.”

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matt. 5.3). When we recognize our spiritual poverty apart from Him, we are most ready and able to receive all that He has for us.


Proverbs 13.13-14:

Destruction or Reward


“He who despises the word will be destroyed, but he who fears the commandment will be rewarded. The law of the wise is a fountain of life, to turn one away from the snares of death.”

Respect for and obedience to the laws of God lead to life, but as verse 15 says, “the way of the unfaithful is hard.” Life gets hard when we decide we can make our own rules. Who among us hasn’t lived that truth at one time or another!

Read more about the effects of making our own rules and see a simple illustration called the Y-chart that can help you remember how to respond to difficult people or circumstances here.


What about you?

What storm are you facing? How’s your faith? Do you trust in His sovereign control? Do you know how to respond to difficult circumstances and people? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men


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6 thoughts on ““Facing the Storms of Life” April 5

  1. Good morning Donna, thank God, He has giving me my mom another year. Do to her dementia, she does a good job in attacking me verbally. I admit I do fail, and sometime I just want to quit. But, I know I won’t. I ask God to help to pass the test with her, cause it’s hard. Thank you so much for Soul Survival, it is so helpful and up lifting.

    • Praying for you my sweet friend for lots of God’s good grace and strength and blessings in the midst of the trials. Thanks for letting me know the blog is a help to you.

  2. It’s interesting that you are talking about storms of life on this stormy day in the Midwest, Donna. And my reading this morning in 2 Peter also reminded me of how very much God is in control of all people and things in life. I don’t want to lose sight of that, even though it is so very tempting in the middle of a storm. I also agree about how many women were faithful to follow Jesus. It seems that many times women are more spiritually faithful and maybe even hungry than most men. Perhaps they are too distracted by their wiring and career efforts. Who knows, but I do know that I want to be like those faithful women! Thanks for being one yourself, my friend!

    • This is our time in the Southwest for wind storms. Yesterday was terrible, but I know it will pass soon! But spiritual storms can come at any time, can’t they?! I’m so glad we serve a faithful God!

  3. It is no accident that this was the blog yesterday. Yesterday I find out life changing news. Thank you Donna. God is using you in ways you don’t know.

    • Praying that He continues to steady the boat as you navigate these new life changing waters. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

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