“Tinkering with a Broken System” November 20


Tinkering with a Broken System - Most people would agree things in our nation are broken, but there's little agreement about what change is needed. Can we tinker with a broken system and expect to fix it?Most people would agree things in our nation are broken, but there’s little agreement about what change is needed. Can we tinker with a broken system and expect to fix it?


Today’s Readings:
Ezekiel 31 & 32
Psalm 130.1-4
Proverbs 28.28
James 1.1-27


Tinkering with a Broken System


Ezekiel 31 & 32:

Morality, Tolerance & Equality


In chapters 31 and 32 God continues to speak to Egypt, perhaps more as a warning to His people that they could no longer turn to worldly powers like Egypt for help and protection. In chapter 31 He compared Egypt to a great tree under which many had taken refuge, but which was about to be broken and destroyed.

Egypt is also a picture of the world and the world’s system. As a nation, we have attempted to live under that system. We have tried to legislate morality, tolerance, and equality. We have expected the government to provide for every need or imagined need, but our system, too, is broken.

The problem is the world’s version of morality, tolerance and equality is not one based on God’s Word and His standard. We are expected to “tolerate” things that are contrary to biblical morality. Equality is no longer about equal opportunity to work hard and make your way in the world, it’s about taking from one and giving to another. And morality is a morality that turns biblical morality on its ear.

No matter how much we “tinker” with our broken system, as long as it’s based on a faulty foundation, it will never have the ability to fix what is wrong in our nation. As believers we must look to God in our own lives and pray for genuine heart change in the lives of others. 


Today’s Other Readings:


Psalm 130.1-4:

God’s Forgiveness in Desperate Times


Love doesn't keep score!

Verses 3-4, “If You, LORD, should mark iniquities, O Lord, who could stand? But there is forgiveness with You, that You may be feared.”

There is forgiveness with Him! If we are His children, our sins are forgiven! He isn’t marking them; He isn’t keeping score. If He did, none of us could ever stand before Him.

Ephesians 4.32 says that we are to forgive others just as He forgives us. And 1 Corinthians 13.5 says love, “does not take into account a wrong suffered” (NASB), yet we have such a sinful habit of marking the iniquities of others on our mental scorecard, in violation of His clear commands.

If you’re struggling to forgive, meditate on Ephesians 4.32 and remember that we are to be imitators of God (Eph. 5.1). We are never more like Him, than when we forgive.

But what does that mean in relation to our enemies, some of whom have sworn to destroy us as a nation? It doesn’t mean we lay down our weapons and just let evil have its way. Remember God Himself commanded the Israelites to destroy His enemies when they went in to possess the Promised Land.

We do, however, need to forgive on a heart level so we don’t become bitter, angry people, more like our enemies than like Jesus. We need to pray for our enemies that they might come out of the snare of the devil and open their hearts to the gospel. And we need to be willing to grant forgiveness, even to those who do not repent and come to Christ.


Proverbs 28.28:

Pray for Our Leaders


“When the wicked rise, men hide themselves; but when they perish, the righteous increase.”

All the more reason, to pray for our leaders, both our outgoing and incoming Presidents, our Congress, Governors, Judges and other officials.


James 1.1-27:

Is it a Test or a Temptation?


y in road

James was the Lord’s half-brother. He first rejected Jesus as the Messiah (during Christ’s earthly ministry), but later accepted and was converted. He became one of the leaders in the Jerusalem church.

The book of James is possibly one of the most practical books in the Bible. It is sometimes called the Proverbs of the New Testament. There is so much in this little epistle. Several years ago I spent 3 or 4 months teaching through it and barely scratched the surface!

Chapter one is no exception. Verses 2-4 are some of my favorites and are so rich with truth and encouragement:

2 My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, 3 knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. 4 But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

I don’t know about you, but I rarely “feel like” counting it all joy when I encounter trouble. Yet James encourages us to do so, not because it is pleasant or because we are supposed to like hardship, but because of how God uses it in our lives. It’s through the tests and trials of life that God grows us and matures us as believers. It’s what makes us useful to the kingdom of God.

Yet if we don’t respond and process trials biblically, the trial which is intended by God to prove and strengthen our faith can become a temptation by the enemy to sin. It’s the same trial, the same circumstances, but our thinking and responding determines whether it will be a test or a temptation.

How can we “count it all joy” and grow in severe trials like persecution and hardship, even the threat of terrorism? We should start by remembering that many of the epistles were written in a time and to a people who were being persecuted, even martyred for their faith.

The events in our world today are part of the “all things” of Romans 8.28-29 that God can and will use for good. Part of which is to force believers to grow up and stop “playing at being Christians.” Part of it is to cause unbelievers to come to the end of themselves and see their desperate need for Him.

So let’s get serious about our walks with God. Let’s pray for a holy boldness to pray, speak the truth, share our testimonies and the gospel, and be the light God has called us to be!



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The Gift of Forgiveness reflects the heart of Stanley’s teaching ministry. In this markedly helpful book, Stanley addresses such questions as how to practise a life of forgiveness in all your relationships and how to make forgiveness an ongoing, practical experience in your life.

Choosing Forgiveness: Your Journey to Freedom
Scripture says that offenses will happen. People will let us down and we will let others down, as well. Forgiveness is left up to us to pray about and then practice. Far from minimizing the hurt of the offense, readers are called to understand that offering forgiveness and letting go of bitterness is the only way to walk in faithfulness. Drawing on biblical teaching of our call to forgive, Nancy shows the reader that forgiveness is a choice- and the only pathway to true freedom.

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